Stylish reflective vests and accessories for safety, day and night.

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Traffic is getting ever denser and more dangerous. To ensure that you reach your destination safely, while at the same time looking cool, we've developed our ReeFlexx® reflective vests. You'll be on the move, safely and stylishly - day and night.

The vest!
ReeFlexx® reflective vests are available for kids and adults. They are designed to stand out, while remaining functional. Innovative: extremely light, flexible and breathable fabric and the stylish fit ensure pleasurable wearing comfort. Practical: your vest in its cool cover fits in every bag.

The Accessories!
The matching accessory: the new ReeFlexx® backpack cover. Striking, reflective , waterproof, and super practical. This backpack cover fits almost all backpacks and enhances your safety in traffic day and night - with style!

ReeFlexx® Loops / Mutifunctionalscarf
ReeFlexx® Reflective Vests
ReeFlexx® Backpack Covers